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Bodrum Nude

Bodrum Nude

The softness of the Bodrum sand, the blast of the sun, the crashing of the cool sea. It’s great Bodrum has it all.

All most any beach along the Mediterranean you’ll see nudity, or at least toplessness. Now also Bodrum will have its own naked beach.

Famous Turkish playboy Hakan Tankut will open a nude camp and a special women hotel in “St. Tropez of Turkey” Bodrum. Hakan bought a bay behind Bogazkoy in Bodrum and for the decoration of his new beach, lots of trees and tropical plants were brought from Miami.

With his Spanish partner, he expects to receive many Spanish tourists as well.

Do you want to bank in the nude? Eat naked? Well, soon Bodrum is the Turkish naked city for you.

  • i like to visit nude beach and have no problem in getting nude with others
    i hope u can send me some details about it or some pics from ur nude beach cause i will make compare with others buetifull nude beach in the world
    i expect u to send me the address and i will come this summer …..thanx

    • ahmet

      bitez and gümbet

  • keenana

    i want to have some names of naked beaches


    never heard of a naked beach here in bodrum…where is this place??

  • White Lotus

    Aww, let it be in Bodrum character. Beehives…Dried-up thorn bushes…Calcified rocks…Lots of Aloe Vera with their sword-sharp thorns…

  • White Lotus

    Please don’t forget the deprived males and females, local and international. Underpaid, sweaty and smelly waiters and hotel staff complete the picture.

  • White Lotus

    Not forgetting the local natural fauna of snakes, wharf rats, and various creepy-crawlies, pedigree and half-pedigree stray dogs, centipedes, mosquitoes, flies (just sprinkle harmless sulphur powder around the premises to drive them away without killing them), eternally hungry cats, the occasional stoic cow, and a variety of spiders from the adorably tiny to the jumping small ones.
    Beware stingrays in September. Snorkel to swim with needlefish near the water surface, beware sea bream that tend to take a tiny bite till they end up on your plate.
    The sun is NO JOKE 1-4pm, and breasts browned all over are not that yay to look at, boys. This is a nude beach, not a voyeurs’ paradiso.