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Bodybuilders to show their muscles in Bodrum

Bodybuilders to show their muscles in Bodrum

Bodybuilding isn’t for the weak of muscle.

It’s been viewed as something that’s done by uneducated men who are on steroids and do nothing but work out and go to the tanning salon.

But bodybuilding is actually done by men and women, young and old, who are interested in improving their health and ability as well as their looks.

On June 16, Bodrum will become the focal point of Bodybuilding when it hosts the First Bodrum Bodybuilding Festival.

The event, to take place in the Delfi Hotel, will welcome competitors from all over the world. A couple of professional athletes will also take part in the Bodybuilding competition.

The Festival is not only about the bodybuilding but also about the Swimsuit Fashion Show with Turkish Top Models.

The event has already attracted sponsorship from local businesses, including the Turkey Bodybuilding Foundation and the Bodrum Delfi Hotel.

  • bodrumgirl

    This should motivate me to start working out again and get my body in shape just before the summer. I used to be very strict about going to the gym in the mornings. I had no problem getting up but now my life is really busy and still the only time I have to work out is in the morning…but…I can’t get my lazy butt out of bed in the mornings! I get myself excited the night before and put out my gym clothes, but the second the alarm goes off I turn the darn thing off. If anyone else had this problem or solutions let me know! I love working out once I get going, but I can’t get going!

  • kat

    Group Fitness classes are my secret to staying motivated. Aside from always having something new to offer, (new music, new moves) I enjoy having a group of people to work out with. Being in a group setting helps me push myself farther..I find myself thinking “if she can keep going, I can too!”

  • Movie star

    I like to work out as well. Especially when the summer is around the corner.However I have the same issue as Bodrumgirl.Being lazy ! I also promise myself , hey now time has come and I will move my lazy bud .. But , can not.Come on girls.. Summer is coming and if we don’t move our lazy bud , we will cry after seeing all those skinny ladies on the beach.