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Coolio to Rap in Bodrum

Coolio to Rap in Bodrum

Coolio will give a concert tomorrow in Bodrum at Halikarnas.

Coolio (born August 1, 1963 in Compton, California) is an American rapper and actor perhaps best known for the hit song “Gangsta’s Paradise.

Coolio is from California and thinks Bodrum and California has many things in common. Well I think California and Bodrum have one thing in common for sure and thats the great weather.

If any one will attend coolio’s concert let me know your experience via the comments below…

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  • Juanita Staley

    “Hi”, Coolio, It’s (me) Juanita, your long long time (girl) friend. “Please call me” (760)530-1850. I have a business so never mind the recorder when you call just go ahead and leave a message. I still work for the Post Office, but in Redlands, CA. I moved from El Monte, CA a long time ago. I still have my Ford Mustang white 1966 year you remember back in the 90’s. Please call this is the only way to find you. Single no kids still look good! you will see call me we have soooo much to talk about.


    Juanita Staley