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Ferry boat trips from Istanbul to Bodrum starting

Ferry boat trips from Istanbul to Bodrum starting

Ferry boat trips from Istanbul to Bodrum are officially starting. 18th May is the day of the first voyage. If you like to enjoy a nice and short cruise trip, then you can try the new ferry boat line from Istanbul to Bodrum.With Deniz Cruise and Ferry Lines, you can relax on a luxurious boat and complete your journey in 22 hours. On Fridays the ferry will leave at 14:00 from Sarayburnu and will arrive at 12.00pm to Bodrum harbor.

For a return trip, you can enjoy the ferry line by taking the ship at 10.00 from Bodrum back to Istanbul, arriving at 8.00 am on Monday mornings.

If you are quick enough, you can have the chance to book the trip for a special price of 49.- YTL (About 28 euro one way!). The ferry lines will serve from 18th May till 10th September, 2007.

If you like to receive more information, pls. check their website at

  • Mrs W. Beuving

    Dear Sir/Madam

    In September we will go to Istanbul for a few day’s and we are planning to take the verry to Bodrum. Can you tell me till when the ferry is available. There is only information on the website for 2007.

    Kind regards,

    Mrs Beuving

  • Sherrill Searle

    Please can you tell me where İ can obtain tickets for the ferry boat from Bodrum to İstanbul on 18th May 2008. İ cannot get into any of the websites mentioned on Google.

    İ am staying in the Bodrum Area.

    Many thanks

  • Tore Hind

    Please, if you can, forward information about where i can optain information on booking tickets for the boat from Istanbul to Bodrum.

    Rehards Tore

  • zaid malik

    Hi We are travelling to mamaris on 16/07. We intend to travel to Istanbul by bus but on return we would like to travel by ferry.

    Whats the time table for ferries from Istanbul – Izmir – Bodrum and price please

  • The link for ferries seems to be:

  • Ahmed Alwan

    I’m planig to visit istanbul on 3rd July 2007, and I’m interested with my family to take the ferry to Bodrum, so how can I get the tickets we’re 2 adults and 2 child, pls. advice, the timing that suits me is on Friay 10th.

  • joe carter

    Are you still offering Istanbul-bodrum ferry service? We are scheduled to be in Bodrum May 18-25, 2013. Will arrive in Istanbul on May 15, Please advise. Thanks. Michelle and Joe Carter.

    • Irene

      Did you manage to find out whether there is still a ferry running between Istanbul and Bodrum?