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Learn Turkish in Bodrum

Learn Turkish in Bodrum

Foreigners living in Bodrum are showing a lot of interest in learning Turkish language. In Turgutreis , foreigners like British , Dutch , German , Russian and Scottish people are following the course given by the Municipality of Turgutreis.

Following this course , they learn enough Turkish to use in their daily life. Moreover they are also interested in learning the traditions of Turkish culture like Turkish Art, Music, cooking Turkish cuisine, etc..

The President of Turgutreis Municipality , Ali Server Yazgan, says everyday they receive more demand from foreigners to learn Turkish language. They are happy to give this service since 2 years in this area.

  • Polina

    There is no contact information regarding the Turkish Course offered in Turgutres. Can you please provide a phone or e-mail? Thank you in advance

  • Fusun

    You should be able to find more information about Turkish courses on the website of Turgutreis municipality this is the link and they also have an english page.

    good luck