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Zeki Muren Museum

Zeki Muren Museum

Zeki Müren was a prominent Turkish singer, composer and actor. He was famous for his compelling voice and precise articulation in his singing of both established Turkish classical music and contemporary songs.

The last home of Turkey’s deceased favorite singer is now a museum. Worshipped much like Elvis Presley, Zeki Müren was a giant of the Turkish music scene.

He died of a heart attack during a live performance on stage in the city of İzmir on September 24, 1996. His death caused the greatest public grief in years and thousands of Turks attended his funeral. Zeki Müren Art Museum, established in Bodrum, where Müren used to live, has been visited by more than 200 thousand people between its opening on June 8, 2000 and December 2006.

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