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Bianca Beach Club

Bianca Beach Club

Bianca Beach Club, Bianca Beach + concept, is located on the beautiful coast of Virgin Club & Resort, just across the bay from Turkbuku, the white sand beaches of Golkoy in Bodrum and 1,5 km away from Bodrum center.

Beside the beach club concept, it also presents the Ceramic Club, a Greek Tavern called “Levendiz” and one of Istanbul and Bodrum’s most entertaining club “My Pavyon” and “My Piyasa” – all in one place.

Open May through October, the beach club is located within a sprawling all-white complex that includes a formal restaurant, fitness center, yoga studio, tanning beach and full-on dance floor for lavish apres-beach DJ parties. A Mecca for pretty people, the beach club also offers an adjacent hotel for those that prefer never to leave or simply can’t.

Bianca Beach +, offers a delicious menu from Bianca bar, Iron Grill, Havana Club Mojito Bar, entertainment and night life venues My most sincere and Bodrum Castle and Aegean influences to the market adds color and donated a separate beam Tavern offers much more with the guests during the summer.

Visitors arrive to a private dock area and divide between the more formal and refined scene of the restaurant, with its wooden deck and eclectic Louis Ghost chairs under the shade of dwarf palm tress offering a sit-down seafood beach menu, and party-fueled beach club. Arranged between a grassy lounge area with low-flung white mattresses and covered cabana beds, the beach club features a central bar area home to late afternoon DJ mash-ups and occasional champagne shower by a rowdy crowd of models, go-go dancers and hardcore partiers sporting year-old Dior swimsuits and fading tramp stamps.

The venue also has a concert area of 4000 people called “Bodrum Arena”. The most important concerts of the summer season take place in Bodrum Arena. Kenan Doğulu, Ajda Pekkan and Tarkan Turkey’s most valuable artists of this summer performed at Bianca.

Bianca Beach + is a concept with different choices of entertainment, offering you whatever you wish.

Bianca Beach Club
Akdeniz Cad. 35
Göltürkbükü Bodrum

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