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FiNk Beach

FiNk Beach

Fink Beach is the beach club from the popular Bodrum open-air club Fink with the golden gate entrance and giant chandelier that rotates over the dance floor.

Fink Beach is located in the Ortakent Bodrum area and is a blue flagged beach! There are a number of watersports such as water skiing, jet skiing, banana boating and more! Additionally, there are frequent beach parties and manicures and pedicures as well as massage services available. Don’t forget to taste delicious Mediterranean cuisine at the Scala Restaurant!

Fink Beach Club with a capacity for 2000 people on the beach side during the day. The venue also has a concert area for 3000 people.

The restaurant offers guests unique tastes of the rich menu. Unique week-end parties, water sports and so on.

Fink Beach Club is settled on 36.000 m2 field and a very polpular beach club for those who are looking for hot entertainement besides wonderful nature.

FiNk Beach Club
Ortakent Müskebi
48000 Ortakent, Muğla, Turkey

For more info check Fink Beach website or facebook page