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Get Married in Bodrum Castle

Get Married in Bodrum Castle

Bodrum is the perfect place to get married, its romantic and exotic, with a wealth of history, warm climate and beautiful scenery. The Bodrum Castle is a really unique location in Bodrum.

Now you can get married in the 15th century Castle of St Peter, which overlooks the beautiful bay of Bodrum. Afterwards party in one of the world’s most famous nightspots, the open-air club of Halicarnassus with its amazing floor and laser light shows.

This week a British couple got married and had a great experience. After the marriage they had a week-long party for friends and family aboard a traditional Turkish sailing boat, known as a gulet.


how to get married in Bodrum – Turkey:

To get married in Bodrum you will need to apply at the municipality of Bodrum and ask for a date and register yourself. Then at the date they give, you need to be present to marry.
This is how it works for Turkish citizens and I think the same rules are valid for foreigners.

Please check at the Turkish embassy or your own embassy in Bodrum to be sure.
For Bodrum municipality go to their website

Please leave a comment if you would like to or already have been married in Bodrum or Turkey.