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Reasons Why Street Numbers Are Better for Bodrum

Reasons Why Street Numbers Are Better for Bodrum

In Bitez, they are busy with a huge operation. Since 4 months the Bitez Municipality is busy with changing the street signs. From now on the Street Names will be changed to Street Numbers. So there won’t be any long street names anymore, no signs that are unpronounceable.

The old street signs will be removed, until everything is in place. The Municipality already placed the new sign boards with numbers and they are informing the telecom, water, and electricity companies.

There are several reasons for changing to numbers. Using street address numbers enables better response by emergency services, improved delivery of mail and services such as waste management, and less confusion for the millions of tourists not familiar with the area. So it sound like this was a smart thing to do for the future of Bodrum.

I think there is also a bad side about changing these street signs. Some Historical value will be lost, and History is what made Bodrum famous as we know it today.