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Secrets of Turkish Cooking

Secrets of Turkish Cooking

Angie Mitchell, a British lady who is living in Bodrum, wrote a book called “Secrets of Turkish cooking”.

All winter long, Angie gave cooking lessons to the foreigners living in Bodrum.

Every week all foreign ladies met for lunch and cooked a recipe from her book. In the end, on March 28th, these ladies met in Salsa Bar and Grill in Bitez in order to show what they learned from her and her cooking book. As Angie says, none of these women could cook Turkish dishes before and now, both they and their partners are very happy.

She says, since 20 years she traveled between Turkey and England and when she wanted to find Turkish recipes, she came across with wrong descriptions or bad written English. Therefore she wanted to complete this missing link in Turkish cooking for foreigners.

For more information visit Angie’s website.

Secrets of Turkish cooking