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Terassu Hotel

Terassu Hotel

Terassu Hotel brings together three different living areas: TERASSU Hotel, Terassu Havuz Evleri (Terassu Pool Houses) and Terassu Bahçe Evleri (TERASSU Garden Houses). The Terassu Hotel consists of 55 rooms occupying 16,000 square meters land. Meanwhile, Terassu Havuz Evleri and Terassu Bahçe Evleri are composed of apartments between 95 and 190 square meters.

TERRASSU Project, realized by Besken Insaat, is located at Hebil Bay, Bodrum. Hebil Bay is probably the last spot of the Bodrum Peninsula which is untouched.

TERASSU is a modern living area established on an area of 16,000 square meters, which offers sea, sand and green areas. The Terassu Havuz Evleri offers seven villas, located around a swimming pool covering an area of 800 square meters. The Terassu Bahçe Evleri project has 12 villas, which offer living areas surrounded by green landscape with garden areas and large terraces with an area of 300-350 square meters in harmony with nature.

There will be a 2,500 square meter private beach, sunbathing terrace over the sea, private bay, restaurants, cafe, Spa-Sports and Fitness facilities.
The residents of the Terassu Havuz Evleri and Terassu Bahçe Evleri projects can benefit from some services that Terassu Hotel provides, including housekeeping, security, fitness and spa centers as well as room service.

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