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X-Men Star Coming to Bodrum

X-Men Star Coming to Bodrum

X-Men star Rebecca Romijn, one of the sexiest actresses of the world is coming to Turkey. Romijn will visit Turkey for a promotion and she plans to have a vacation in Bodrum. She says, she has never been to Turkey before and is very excited.

In X-Men (2000), Rebecca had her first major movie role as “Mystique“; she returned to the role in 2003’s sequel X2: X-Men United, and again for X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). In these movies her costume consisted of blue makeup on her otherwise nude body.

She is now in talks to star in X-Men 4: Magneto, which is currently in production and scheduled for release in 2009. Also she has been approached about a Mystique film.

I’m sure she will like the Mythic and Mystic atmosphere of Bodrum.